Name and registered office


Impression de Livre Business entity of Ets Ciais with share capital of € 38,874.50

Address: 4 avenue Estienne d'Orves 06000 Nice

Commerce Register Number : B 962 800 108

Phone: +33 4 93 97 40 00


Director of the publication: Didier Palla


The Company has as its object, directly or indirectly, both in France and abroad:

1 - The manufacture of books, directly or by subcontracting, the promotion, distribution, distribution, and publishing of authors' writings; and any activity relating to publishing, books, comics, photography, the press, directly or indirectly.

2 - More generally, all activities related to publishing, distribution, distribution, advertising, press, paper, printing, reproduction, computing, image, sound , Art, culture as well as regional or national identities, in paper form, or digital present or future.